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Praise for Heapnose

January 13, 2010


Yesterday, Heapnose recorded its highest ever volume of traffic…A total of 93 discerning noses dropped by in the space of 12 hours., beating my previous daily record by a whopping 91 visitors.

A cynic might blame the inclement British weather and the (false) promise of  “Free cheescake for Heapnose visitors” posted yesterday on Facebook. Nonetheless, what better way to mark the occasion than to review the best of this year’s Heapnose Visitor Feedback…

” It started off ok, but quickly ran out of steam” Pat Heap on Heapnose (10.12.09)

Desperation, Heapnose you is it…” The Flat Earth Society on Heapnose (25.07.09) “Oh, you’re still writing a blog?” My Dad, on Heapnose (13.01.10)

“Jen! Your spelling and grammar are impeccable” Dafmeister on “Chanel Chance – Eau Fraiche” (01.09.09)

“Thrilling and Awesome. Thrisome. ” Owen from Mwnci on “Stampede – A Guest Review” (14.07.09)

“WTF is this?” Penny Skuse on Heapnose (03.07.09)

“Andy? Drinks Tonight?” Unknown on “Jo Malone – Black Vetyver Cafe” (18.08.09)

“Now THAT Blog is actually really really good” Jonesy, about somebody else’s blog (13.01.10)

“Jen! I had a vivid dream last night which featured you coming back to Cardiff to visit but if turned out that you were a robot with a detachable head and a video camera in your eye.”  Dafmeister on “Chanel No.5 (31.05.09)

More incisive commentary to follow, as and when I dig it out of my Facebook inbox. A huge thanks to all my readers for all your related and unrelated feedback. Let’s try and get 100 readers next week…then maybe Chanel will start sending me free samples.

Lots of Love



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  1. January 13, 2010 9:51 pm

    I feel that I may have contributed to this amazing visitor total by my recommendation of as “Comedy gold”, or, in Owen-speak, “Cold”.

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