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Chanel Chance (Eau Fraiche)

July 2, 2009

chance-eau-fraicheCelebrity Fans: Carolyn Hitt

The summer fragrance is a cruel mistress…one whiff of an erstwhile summer scent on a passing pedestrian can instantly transport the unsuspecting female back in time, to ill advised summer liaisons, piazzas in the late evening sun, mopeds, white trouser clad Italian lotharios, promises of Sicilian Weddings in leafy fig orchards…

Conversely, an ill-chosen summer scent will tarnish the holiday and its memories forever. The HFP (Hasty Fragrance Purchase) most often spotted at Luton Airport or 5.30pm on Boots Double Points Day is most especially treacherous in the heady summer months, when scantily clad celebrities poise ready to ensnare the unsuspecting shopper – I cite J-Lo, SJP, Jessica Simpson, and most recently Halle Berry as notable airbrushed predators.

The “safe” middle ground is to chose the summer version of one’s traditional everyday scent – this is the time of year when fragrance counters throw around buzzwords like “spritz” “essence” and “dew” to convey what is essentially a watered down version of a reputable knock-out perfume. I’ve long been suspicious of these summer editions: as a pupil of the PH perfume philosophy that a fragrance should enter a room before it’s wearer, or, put more simply “If flies aint dying I aint buying…” less impact for more money is not an attractive proposition

I was, therefore pleasantly surprised by Chanel’s seasonal take on their signature scent “Chance”. Fully prepared was I to spray half a bottle on to the skin, be displeased with the result and banish the bottle to be used in place of water in the steam iron (nb Issey Miyake’s L’Eau D’Issey is paricularly good for linens)

On the contrary, Chance Eau Fraiche packs quite the fragrant punch – it survived the “transferrence test” on both boyfriend and BEN’S DOG, caused several people in an elevator to sneeze profoundly, and, produced admirably adverse reactions in a housemate’s Jade plant. Finally a summer knockout. Oh, and it smells pretty good too.


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  1. Donna permalink
    July 3, 2009 1:11 am

    Yay Jenny you got your mojo back and I am soooo pleased as I love reading this blog! PS Nessa went into labour last night. I don’t know what happened it was late (gone 11) and I just couldn’t wait around!

  2. Sir Pilkington Smythe permalink
    July 6, 2009 3:20 pm

    I say she’s tiny! or is it a really rather large bottle?

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